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A decentralized tool for citizens

Act with others

Join or create initiatives in order to act on subjects that matter to you.

Contact you elected officials

Phone number, governmental email, social media accounts, collectively contact your elected officials and bring changes in the law

Support features

Activate the support features when you need them (discussion module, events, etc)

How does it work?

Connect websites together

There are many people, groups and organisations out there already acting, it would be ashamed not to be able to interact directly with them wouldn’t it?
Thanks to decentralization we are able to easily connect sites in order to share and act together!

United, we are unstoppable.

Decentralized but organised actions

I’m acting as a citizen

Create an account and meet up with those who share your convictions now!

Check out the demo

I’m acting with a Non-profit or a mouvement

You can connect the Risefor extension for free on your site! Once installed, access action groups, the database, all support modules and take action with your ecosystem!

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Unite to act !

Open-source, open-data and decentralized


Risefor is an open-source tool free for all to use. Anyone can use or contribute to the source code.


The database is open, shared and accessible to all.



Thanks to the Startin’blox framework, a technology based on the Solid project, by Tim Burton Lee, Risefor allows an easy connexion of platforms.

How far along are we?

A platform that grows collaboratively

Regroup, Organise, Act

#RiseForEarth  #United4Earth 

Our partners

Human Conet

Boycott Citoyen


Je suis le climat

La Bascule

Lobby citoyen.fr

Who is behind RiseFor?

The Founding Team

Our aventure started in the summer of 2018 with the design and creation of prototypes for the tool RiseFor. On September 22nd 2018 we launched a fundraising campaign on Ulule in order to finance the development of the tool.

Flora Magnan

Barbara Velasquez

Maxime Senzamici

The First Contributors

All this wouldn’t be possible without the amazing people who surround us, contributing to the tool each with their own unique skills and perception of the world.

Ada Cremers

Achille Audouard

Carmelle Senzamici

Cyril Bruckler

Camille Porquet

524 Citizen Co-founders

The tool was financed by 524 citizens during the fundraising campaign of September and October 2018. The association “United4Earth” was created in September 2018 to collect the funds.

badge du projet financé sur Ulule

The Startin’blox Team

Our choice of technology is a militant one in it selft Le choix technologique est un choix militant en lui même. La capacité à décentraliser les données du web redonne le pouvoir à chacun.e d’entre nous sur cette dernière.
Comment évoluer vers un nouveau système sans changer l’idéologie derrière nos outils ?

Alexandre Bourlier

Sylvain Le Bon

Nadir Krid