Citizen Lobbying Platform

A tool for Citizens to Unite and Act

Hello everyone!

In order to make it easy to follow up on the development of the citizen lobbying tool we’ve decided to group together all the necessary information on this page.
Whether it’s discovering the tool itself, the events related to the tool or the development phase, you’ll find it all below 😉

Citizen Lobbying Tool – Summary

Our Goal?
Give citizens the tools to fight back Corporate Lobbying

We are all too aware that lobbies have a strong impact on our democracies while Citizens have been unable to utilize the internet to its full advantage in order to have weight on their democracies.

In order to get the balance back we are working on a platform which will enable us to unite, organize ourselves and act more effectively.

2 Main functionnalities

1. Create or join Citizen Lobbying Groups

These groups are where all the magic happens. The idea here is to allow people to easily associate an action with elected official(s) in order to pressure them.

An example could be to agree on a date and time, lets say every Monday at 2PM, where they would all send an email to their city Mayor on a specific subject. Individually it will be easy to set up, but on the receiving end hard to ignore.
Another can be the planning International Walks or actions around the topic in order for the subject to be taken seriously and for changes to come swiftly.

Citizens can freely join or create citizen lobbying groups

2. A collective database with contact info of all elected officials

A listing of elected official names, contact information, decisions and actions. This database will enable you to directly target the elected officials most connected to your cause.

Shared database regrouping the contact information of our elected officials

We believe that by having a tool that allows citizens to easily band together, organise freely within these regional, national and international groups and act, we will all be much stronger and be able to effectively bring this, much needed, transition.

An open and free tool

A tool financed by all, usable by all

Once operational the code will be:

  • Open Sourced. This means that anyone will be able to access the source code and use it freely. Any and all improvements based off this code will also be open source.
  • Connected : Since we are using a distributed framework anyone will be able to add the tool to their website and connect their data with other sites.
  • White labeled: You will be able to download and use the app on any subject that matters to you. If you’ve heard of WordPress or Wix, a little like that but for Citizen Lobbying 😉
The platform will be open source, open data and will respect LDP standards

Interact with the tool easily, where and when ever you want

You shouldn't have to choose between living your life and defending the cause(s) that matter to you, and you won't have too anymore !
Whether in the subway, on the office or on your couch, you will be able to interact with others in order to make sure your voice is heard 😉

Outil de lobbying citoyen accessible sur ordinateur, mobile et tablette

Easily connect the tool with other websites

There are many people, groups and organisations out there already acting, it would be ashamed not to be able to interact directly with them wouldn’t it?
Thanks the the decentralized technology the tool will be using the platform will be easily connectable to other websites! From there, users will be able to chose which groupes they want to show on their website, but also bring foward their own initiatives.

United, we are unstoppable.

connexion de l'outil sur des sites partenaires

Example of the tool being used of the french Citizen Lobbying website

User data..
will belong to the user

The tool will be developed using the Starin'blox framework, based of LDP. It is based of semantic web technologies which allow the decentralization of the data of a website.
Basically, it can allow users to get back control over their data.

So, what does that all really mean?

Sites using today's technologies: When you cruise most of today's websites, like Facebook, the Time's or reddit, your personnal data is stored on their servers. If you ask them, they will share what their legally obliged to share, for the rest, you have to trust them.

Websites using Semantic Web technologies: Your personnal data is stored wherever you want (on your computer, a friends server, or a website) and then you share it with the website; Changes everything no?

Example of usage

Discover the tool through this example of usage, in less than a minute you’ll understand the concept 😉

Evolution of the Tool

In order for the tool to match the needs of the citizens as much as possible the evolution of the tool will be done in a collaborative manner.
In that spirit, during the Alpha version we will setup the core tools of the platforms.

Alpha* Version : Setting up the Core components

Citizen Lobbying groups

Groupe de lobby citoyen qui agit sur le sujet du glyphosate

Elected Official database

Informations de contact de nos élus

With these 2 main components, the following modules will be added :

  • Linking elected official data card to a lobbying group.
  • Ability to add elected official data
  • Linking lobbying groups together

Check out the prototypes of the Alpha version over here

Bêta* – Evolution of the tool

lancement de l'outil le 12 décembre 2018

Version 0.1

  • Connexion on the website of the citizens for climate collective
  • Collective decision making component (democracyOS)
  • Calendar component
  • Peer to peer chat 

Version 0.2

  • Installation of a email server
  • Ability for users to send emails from the platform
  • “Invite a friend” component

Version 0.3

  • Reminder component
  • Implementation of USA Elected Official data

Version 0.4

  • Collaborative content edition component
  • Complexity of initiative grading

Version 0.5 and more

The evolution of the too will be open to suggestion. In that spirit, starting at the alpha version a group will be opened for this.
From there all users will be able to vote of the upcoming components as well as propose their ideas.

Here’s a couple components we have in mind :

  • Adding tips to improve critical thinking, especially around documentation.
  • Component to create collaboratively citizen amendments that will be brought forward to our elected officials
  • Data visualisation  (ie: adding citizen lobbying groups to the climat map or visualizing which elected officials are influential on each laws)

End of the Bêta version

Once the tool is stable we will open a website enabling anyone to deploy the tool on the subject that matters to them. What we mean by “stable” is covering the following subjects:

  • Core components are fully operational
  • Support components are operational
  • Safeties have been set up to prevent mis-usage of the tool. This will be a hard, collective, but needed process.
    We believe that this tool can be dangerous if misused, thus we must use our collective intelligence to allow it to be open-source, while still being safe.
    Here are some idea’s of safe-guards that we will propose:
    • Usage Charter
    • Decentralized moderation process
    • Educational components that will increase critical thinking of the users. We believe that the best safe-guard against this issue is education

This list is non-exhaustive and will be open for debate in a dedicated group within the tool will be opened.

The Calendar

Conception Phase

  • Conception of the tool: January to April  2018
  • Prototyping : May to July 2018
  • Preparation of the Crowdfunding campaign: August to September 2018
  • Crowdfunding Campaign: September t October 2018 (€11.500 raised)

Development Phase

  • October 2018 : Validation of the development team
  • Wednesday Octobre 31st : Development starts
  • Monday Novembre 12th : Database of french elected officials successfully implemented
  • From November 12th to December 6th: Development and private tests (Alpha)
  • Tuesday Novembre 13th : Development of prototypes start
  • Saturday Novembre 17th : Version 0.1
  • December 7th: Co-founder Launch Party
  • January 27th 2019 : Version 0.2

Support Module Roadmap

A. Support modules online

  • Elected official linking
  • Discussion module (ongoing fix for last bugs)
  • Filters on elected official contact list

B. Support modules in development phase

  • Calendar module
  • Collaborative decision-making tool
  • Collaborative data-base



Alpha Version

The term “Alpha version” represents a application still being developed and closed to the public.Generally in this phase, the tool is accessible privately in order to realize the first tests. 
In our case this is when the co-founders will have access to the tool.

Bêta Version

A tool in the bêta version phase has been opened to the public but is still in development. This allows larger tests to be made as well as allow the tool evolves with the needs of its users.

Source Code

“Source code” represents the files of the application. When an application is Open Source, that means that the files are available to all.
For example, this is the source code of the startin’blox framework. 

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