Climate Walk in France – September 2018, the Rise of a Mouvement

If you were strolling in Paris this last Saturday, and many other French cities (as well as in Belgium), you might have come across crowds of people wearing kraft signs with various tags on it: « I vote for my planet », « planet in danger », « make my planet great for once », « 49§3 pour le climat ».

We were over 100 000 people worldwide marching the streets for climate this past Saturday, in many cities in France and all over the world.
800 gatherings took place that day! A major event that comes after a few years of catastrophic ecologic policy in the US under president Donald Trump, a year of Don Quijote policy under Ecology Minister Nicolas Hulot, whom resigned in late August. His resignation gave birth to these marches. Its motive is to put climate in the heart of political debates. We were there!

Main banner – Planète en danger (Planet in Danger)

One of our favorite banners – We don’t stop progress Progress… It stops by itself

Citizens show their support for the Climate

The Climate Marches can be seen as a sign that people finally realize how severe the situation is.

In his resignation speech, ecology minister Nicolas Hulot stroke the French population by explaining how little politics can do without civilian mobilization.

He complained that he didn’t have structured back-ups to take to the streets along with him, he blame the country for not being united for our future and our children’s. This Saturday, we demonstrated the opposite: we DO care about climate. Despite our governments running on an economic model that not only disrespects nature but is destroying it, despite powerful lobbies, despite eco-sceptics leaders, let us show how strong we can be and how much we can achieve together.

September, a Climate Walk – October a Climate Tsunami!

Let not this march be a one-time thing. Let ecology and climate remain a main topic to be taken care of by governments. We can’t do it without them, but they won’t do it without a constant pressure FROM US!

So this is why today, we want you to join us for a monthly International Climate Walks. The next one will be on October 13th, our proposal is to:

  • Gather at 11.00am for an assembly where we’ll discuss action plans, talk about collective demands.
  • Have lunch at
  • Start walking at 3.00pm.

And this in as many cities in the world as possible! Climate is the business of the Citizens of the World, not just a single country or people.

We need you, because we need our planet. JOIN US!

Lets group together – One people United for Earth

For a bigger impact, you can join United4Earth (not to be mistaken with, with whom we are going to merge forces with) in order to group together and organise internationally!

Our main target is to get our citizen Lobbying tool up and running so that it can help us all pressure elected officials in order to pass laws to protect our environment.
You can check out the interactive prototypes this way:
Desktop version:
Mobile version:
It may take a little time to load, once it has click the “login” button and follow the tour 😉

Couple Pictures of the walks in Bordeaux, France

Banner – La bourse ou la vie (Stock exchange or life)
Photo credit to : Clément Sery

Banner – Il n’y a pas de (plan)ète B (There is no Plan(et) B)
Photo credit to : Clément Sery

Join the walks near you

With many, many, many other organisation and citizen initiative we are trying to get as many cities walking as possible on October 13th 2018!

Join us by finding the walk in your city over here:

Monthly Climate Walks – Find the one near you

Can’t find your city? Create the event and share it with us, we will add it to the event so that others can join you easily 🙂

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